Osage In'Lonshka Dances

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According to Osage Elder Eddy Red Eagle, Jr., each June, the three Osage Villages located in Pawhuska, Fairfax and Hominy hold sacred dances called the In'Lonshka Dances, which take place under the arbor in each village. The Indian Village near Fairfax is called Grayhorse.

These dances are historically cultural foundations of the Osage Nation, and held as highly sacred by all Osage participants. Therefore, the demeanor of participants, visitors and friends is totally centered on the dance, which creates a solemness adhered to by young and old. Permission to view and share in the events is by invitation only. All recording devices and cameras are prohibited during the dance and if even sighted, they will be confiscated; and the owner will be asked to excuse himself from the area.

Photos of the dancers in the arbor is strictly prohibited. Seating under the arbor is also limited to Osages and their invited guests. However, invited guests may watch the dancers from outside the arbor.

Only Osages and their invited guests are allowed to dance under the arbor.

The Osages wear cultural dress for these dances.

Families return to generational campsites during the dances to center the families' involvement in the activities of the In'Lonshka. They dress, gather, prepare and take their meals there. The camps become family domains, which are for each family and invited guests only. The camps are not open to the public.

The dances take place within the three villages: Pawhuska, Hominy and Grayhorse on Indian land governed by the Osage Nation. Osage Police provide security during the dances.

 Alcohol and vendors are prohibited at these events.